Transnational Initiative
Countering Violent Extremism

The Transnational Initiative Countering Violent Extremism (TICVE) is an independent, nonpartisan, and Non-Profit Think Tank established in April 2015 in Casablanca Morocco to counter violent extremism and build peace.

To counter violent extremists groups rising in the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel region, Muslim freedom voices and researchers came together to build an alliance and design an active strategy to stop youth recruitment by extremists movements.

Our main concern is to inject the power of ideas into the making of a worldwide peace. The founders understood that countering violent extremism initiatives can emanate from education, local and cross-border research, capacity building and people to people interaction. We, the TICVE team, are dedicated to promote peace, prosperity, freedom and human dignity for a better tomorrow.

Our vision:

To counter violent extremism Worldwide and build resilience to youth radicalization.

Our mission:

To work with local communities to break the cycle of radicalization through research, training, education and micro targeted development projects in order to build resilience to violent extremism.

Our approach:

We embrace a participatory approach that involves community leaders, elders, women and youth: Education-based projects are crucial to enhance youth’s resilience to violent-extremism. Such Reforms are based on an inclusive strategy in populations where elders exercise a strong power. Our purpose is to involve individuals in vulnerable communities targeted by extremist groups; through their engagement we will be able to shape the views and skills of the next generations.


- Promoting micro targeted development and education projects in communities vulnerable to radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism;
- Conducting local and cross border research on the drivers of violent extremism;
- Building capacities and introducing freedom and tolerance ideas;
- Building partnerships and sharing information;
- Promoting use of technology and innovation countering violent extremism.