New York, September 2015,

"More than ever before, the response to violent extremism needs meaningful youth participation at all levels. We recognize the gravity of the threat of violent extremism in the world today. Our generation, like the generations before us, challenges the status quo and demands new ideas and systems. To effectively address the drivers of violent extremism and promote peace, youth must be engaged as partners in the design and implementation of relevant programs and policies. With commitments to learning, to partnership, to innovation, and to impact, we are ready to address violent extremism, a defining challenge for our generation" (CVE Youth Action Agenda, Global Youth Summit on CVE, New York, September 2015).

In September 2015, a Global Youth Summit on Countering Violent Extremism was organized in New York City on the margins of the UNGA to define a Youth Action Agenda to redefine the role of youth as CVE partners. The TICVE, Transnational Initiative Countering Violent Extremism (TICVE) ~Building Peace, participated at the Global Youth Summit. The TICVE team exposed their work at the global youth market, and presented in a panel about challenges facing youth and countering violent extremism at the Global Youth summit.

The TICVE team is composed of young leaders who advocate for the power of ideas, research and education to counter violent extremism in the Maghreb and Sahel region. They developped an innovative approach which adresses the problem not by imposing solutions but by working with local communities to CVE and which contributs to fight the problem at its core and prioritizes the role of civil society.